3. Your Weight

How many times have you heard someone say they're fat when they're anything but? My ex would jokingly call me โ€œFattoโ€ when I was 125 pounds. I ignored it, but this is the sort of comment that can lead women to lose weight in unhealthy ways because they think their boyfriend wants them to.

This is an extreme example, but I'm sure we all know people who have tried to lose weight or complained about their bodies not because there was actually anything wrong but because they thought they had to have a certain body type to be attractive. Men aren't as picky about our bodies as we are, but even if they were, you shouldn't make any changes like this simply to keep (or get!) a man. Do it because you want to, if you want to.

Your Choice of Career


Sapna Pathak
Lovely article
Rashny Poovi K
I had an ex who hated my nail art hobby until I completely lost interest in it and I became so bored and just didn't do anything else as a result It sure went downhill from there. I'm glad I'm not wi...
Lilia Antor
I frankly don't understand women who give in too easily. I've known a couple of them who would say something like: I don't wear makeup because he wants me not to. I've been with a control freak, too. ...
Same here jess. Had to tone down my personality to make him happy. It was his issues not mine. These type of men make you feel responsible for their own issues. It's all about taking ownership for what is yours and theirs.
My ex changed me or I did the changes to keep him as loved me so much. End result he finished it anyway. I become depressed as I lost my true self and my own values. I had to give up male friends as h...
Love this. My ex used to try make me change how I dressed and tone down my personality. My current boyfriend encourages me to be me =)
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