7 Things You Should Never do to Impress a Guy ...


7 Things You Should Never do to Impress a Guy ...
7 Things You Should Never do to Impress a Guy ...

Whether you are a teenager who is just starting to date or you are a seasoned dater, there are just things you should never do to impress a guy. You may be the most intelligent and witty girl he’ll ever fall for. He’ll even feel lucky to snag a date with you, but you’ll never know if you do the most to catch his attention. Just relax and avoid these few things you should never do to impress a guy.

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Dumb Yourself down

Don’t be that one girl that feels like she has to play dumb to keep the guy. If he can’t handle your intelligence, then how will he ever support your success? You have worked hard to become the person that you are, and he should recognize and appreciate that. Never feel like you must play an inferior role to be loved; this is one of the biggest things you should never do to impress a guy.


Dress in Only the Skimpiest of Clothes

There is nothing wrong with showing a little leg here or really toned arms there. However, dressing like you are at the beach or a lingerie model everywhere you go is a problem. It will not get you the respect that you deserve as a lady, nor will it make you any more desirable to men as a potential girlfriend or wife. Skimpy attire will make you look easily accessible. No man really wants a woman who is easily accessible.


Forget Your Manners

You are a lady. Be one. Do not forget your pleases or your thank you(s). No matter who you are around, you should always treat others with respect and appreciation. Now you don’t have to go overboard with your politeness, just do not be rude to others.


Curse like a Sailor

I do not understand this phenomenon going on where people feel like it is ok to curse freely. Cursing is still an obscene gesture. It will not make you look cool. In fact, many guys agree that hearing a woman cursing is a big turnoff. Don’t curse around your guy because you think it will make you look “cool” because that will probably backfire.


Shut Everyone out

It is a mystery to me as to why girls think that shutting everyone out after you meet a guy will make your relationship more successful. Your friends and family are a part of the person that you are. Shutting them out won’t guarantee that things with the guy will work out. It probably won’t help seal the deal either.


Pretend to Be Interested

You should never pretend to share an interest with a guy. For example, I have not played a game of basketball since I was on my 8th grade Girls B-Team for the sport. So it would be completely ridiculous for me to say to my guy that I just love, love, and love to play the sport. Falsifying your interest will never play off. Eventually guys will ask more in depth questions about the hobby that you won’t be able to answer.


Lose Your Sense of Self

It is super easy to become so entangled in getting a guy to like you that you start taking on some of his hobbies. That is ok. However, it is not ok to change who you are completely to match his vision of an ideal girlfriend. You have to be your own person. If he is going to like you, it has to be for the right reasons. What good is it if he likes you for reasons that are artificial?

When it comes to love, you’ve got to be yourself. Any guy that loves you is going to love you for the person that you are. What have you tried to do in order to impress a guy?

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I agree with other comments about cursing. For me example it's a habit that sticks tight. If it's a turn off for someone then it's his problem, not mine. Cursing here and there is so normal these days anyway. It fits to a right context :P


Swearing is the shit. I'll never turn that off just b/c you don't like it or think it's morally terrible. F that.

It really comes down to what kind of guy you're hoping to attract. If you want a clean-edge, "old-fashioned" type who doesn't cuss, then you probably shouldn't be cursing. If you are comfortable with cursing, then you would probably want a guy who is comfortable with it too! Happy hunting ladies ;)

I think the same about cursing. I find it vulgar and utterly obscene. That's why Liam doesn't curse too much around me, or else I would be planning on kicking him in the bin with his friends.

I agree with all of them except cursing . It's completely ok to curse once or twice around a guy , maybe a little more if you're really comfortable around him . If cursing is just something you do , then don't stop it for a guy . That goes against the whole " be yourself " rule , which is essentially what this article is about

My boyfriend loves the fact that I swear like a sailor because it means when he swears he feels comfortable about it.

I think number 7 sums it up very appropriately. But it also contradicts the others. I want to be myself. I love myself for the first time in my whole life!! And I'm not going to put on face or keep my cursing in my back pocket just so a boy won't run off. If he's a real man, he'll be intrigued. He'll want to know me and learn how I came to be who I am today. My accomplishment.. My weaknesses.. He'll want to know it all. If a boy runs away from me for being who I am... I don't want the bastard anyway!!!

Great Article! I strongly agree with a lot of these comments i.e. Keilah

Wow this is spot on. Thanks for sharing!

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