7 Things You Should Never Give up for Your Partner ...

There are many things you should never give up for a partner. Sure, relationships are all about compromise, but that doesn't mean abandoning things that are or should be important to you. Here are the things you should never give up for your partner …

1. Your Family

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One of the things you should never give up for your partner is your family. If your family refuse to accept your partner, although they are a good person, that is another matter. But if your partner tries to make you choose between your family and them, that is wrong. And watch out for a partner who tries to manipulate you and slowly separate you from them.

2. Your Plans

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Again, you may have to compromise where your plans are concerned. Perhaps you would prefer to live in the country, but have to live in the city because your partner has better job opportunities. That's fine as long as some of your needs are being met. But don't give up everything that you want to do with your life. You may end up resenting them, even if it was your choice.

3. Your Friends

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Have you ever had one of those relationships where you slowly end up seeing less and less of your friends? Perhaps he made it clear that he didn't like them, or he tried to monopolise your time so that you saw less of them by default. This isn't healthy, and it's not something that should be expected of you. But it does happen.

4. Your Children

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This doesn't necessarily mean abandoning them altogether. Most mothers wouldn't do that. But some men resent the time and emotional energy you give to your kids. They don't waste time trying to persuade you to cut your kids loose as soon as they're old enough to leave home. Don't let a man do that. You should support your kids emotionally as long as you feel they need it.

5. Your Pets

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Some may feel that a person is more important than a pet. Personally, I could not give up my pets for anyone. They are part of my family. Anyone that gave me a 'them or me' ultimatum would be swiftly shown the door. I wouldn't want to be with a person who didn't understand how much they matter to me, or how seriously I take my responsibilities to them.

6. Your Financial Future

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You should never put your financial future at risk for a relationship. However much you love someone, and however secure it all seems, relationships can come crashing down. If that happens, you don't want to be left in a precarious financial position, as well as dealing with the emotional side. Always make sure that you protect your finances in the event of a break up.

7. Your Dreams

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Finally, never give up your dreams for someone else. Partners should support each other. A partner who truly loves you will support you all the way in achieving those dreams. They certainly won't ridicule you, although they will try to help you be realistic if your goals aren't feasible.

Sadly, some partners do try to make you give up those things that are important to you. It could be that they like exercising power, or that they want to be the most important thing in your life. But some things should never be abandoned - especially not for the sake of a person who may not even stick around. Have you ever had a partner who wanted you to give up something?

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