7 Things You Should Never Say about Your Ex ...


7 Things You Should Never Say about Your Ex ...
7 Things You Should Never Say about Your Ex ...

No matter how tempting it may seem sometimes to get back on your ex and tell everybody what a complete jerk he was or how much pain he put you through, you should know that there are a few things you should never say about your ex. If you broke up recently with someone who you thought was the love of your life, you might still be in pain and full of remorse. You might even be a bit tempted to get revenge, but you surely know this isn’t the best way to solve anything, so here are just a couple of things you should never say about your ex.

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“I Still Love Him”

I my opinion, this is one of the most important things you should never say about your ex to anyone. If you still feel this way and it’s been a while since you two broke up, just try to keep it to yourself. By keep telling other people how much you loved him and how much you still do, you’ll only prolong the healing process, so that’s why, sometimes it’s best to just “fake it ‘till you make it”.


“He Was Such a Jerk!”

This is another thing you should definitely avoid when talking about your ex, no matter how long it has been since you two broke up. It’s just not nice to say bad things about people, especially about someone with whom, at a certain point in your life, were pretty happy. You will only look bitter and full of remorse. Sure, you might be right and he might be a jerk but again, keep it to yourself! You are a lady, remember?


Embarrassing Things

Well, you should take my advice and believe me on this one: is not very nice to share all those embarrassing things about your ex with everyone you know. They might seem quite entertained at first, but after a while, they will be thinking what would you say about them if they would ever upset you. So, it’s better to just be polite and keep your mouth shut, because after all, everyone has all kinds of embarrassing stuff that no one knows about, even you and you wouldn’t like it if everybody else found out about them.


“He Was Cheap”

I know most women, after they break up, say this out of spite and they don’t really mean it. It’s such a harsh thing to say and even if it were true, still, it’s not a nice thing to say. Everyone has a different lifestyle and everyone chooses to spend their money the way they want. You’ll only sound high maintenance by always complaining about what he did with his money or how he spent it.



Another thing you should definitely avoid saying about your ex is pretty much everything he told you in absolute confidence. He trusted you and confided in you, so even if at this point you may think that he doesn’t deserve to be treated nicely, think again and do it for yourself! Don’t spill all kinds of secrets about him, his childhood or his family. Other people might get hurt and they’ve got nothing to do with your relationship.


“the Sex Was Bad.”

This is such a cold thing to say about your ex-partner! Unless he or she just laid in your bed like a dead fish in the water, every time you got busy, how good he or she was in bed is totally subjective and you have to admit that you’d only say this out of bitterness and not because you mean it. There are certain details about your relationship that are best kept private and this is definitely one of them.


“Everything He (She) Did Was Awful.”

You know this isn’t true. Even if you don’t wanna admit it, you know he has a lot of great qualities that impressed you in the first place. So, stop telling people how awful was everything he did or how terrible were the things he thought or said. You should focus only on yourself, on the things you want, and on what should you do next, basically on making yourself happy.

I know sometimes it’s hard to recover after a bad breakup, but it’s not impossible. Because of all the pain and sorrow, you might be tempted to say some things that are not so nice about your ex, but that’s not the best or the smartest thing you should do in that situation. Can you think about other things you shouldn’t say about your ex? Do tell!

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What if they are devious and cheaters?

Wow I have said all those things to people except for the secrets. I have said so much as if I hated him! But I don\'t mean it I\'m just upset over out breakup still ... I feel horrible I feel so stupid... I feel so bad ... What should I do?? How can I over come this breakup .

Very well said! Finally a post that I agree with from top to bottom! No matter what the case, it\'s best to keep mum and let it run its course no matter how much pain or anger you hold - be more mature and know that it\'ll get better. Thumbs up on a greatly objective and mature post! :)

Great post I love it

I disagree with a few points. Breaking up(especially with someone where true love was involved) can be a difficult process, and different for everyone depending on the length, love and type of relationship. It can be a process of grief and healing, which there are a lot of layers and phases to. Sometimes talking about it is part of the process, as well as facing the feelings, rather than keeping them inside. I believe strength is found in the process of going through all theses feelings and phases. True love is not something that can just be shut off with some people, and it can take awhile to fall out of love, just as it can take time to fall in love. Talking about the feelings and relationship is not something that has to be done maliciously, sometimes it is a necessary process. Saying you still love someone even if you have broken up is natural. Hearts take time to heal, and ignoring feelings \"and faking it till you make it\" in my opinion is not healthy or true to your heart in the long run. The healing is in the honesty of the process

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