Things You Shouldn't Be Self-conscious about with Your Partner ...


Things You Shouldn't Be Self-conscious about with Your Partner ...
Things You Shouldn't Be Self-conscious about with Your Partner ...

There are several things you shouldn't be self-conscious about with your partner. We can all get self-conscious about things – it’s human nature. But your partner is the one of the people who loves you most, so don’t feel shy about these six things you shouldn't be self-conscious about with your partner.

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Your Boobs

Everyone’s boobs are different – some are bigger, some are smaller, some are perky, some less so. Point is, it doesn’t matter one bit because this is one of the things you shouldn't be self-conscious about with your partner.


Your Breath

Morning breath is a thing for the best of us so don’t feel self-conscious about it. Your partner probably has it too so just embrace it and laugh about it.


While some might rush to the bathroom to swish some mouthwash, remember that true intimacy isn’t about perfection—it's about comfort and acceptance. Morning breath is simply a sign that you both have been cozy and at rest together, a natural occurrence that should never dampen those warm morning snuggles. Besides, with a quick brush, you can both get back to sweet-smelling kisses in no time—so don’t let something as trivial as morning breath put a damper on your relationship's intimate moments.


Your Hair

And not just the hair on your head. Who cares if you haven’t shaved in a while? Humans have hair – it’s just how it is. Your partner won’t care, they love you no matter what.


Remember, your body is your own unique canvas, and every strand tells a story of who you are. If you decide to keep it natural or change it up, it's your choice, and a loving partner respects that. It's time to embrace the fuzz on our legs as fervently as we accept the hair that frames our faces. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, and with your own hair, goes a long way in sharing a relaxed, authentic connection with your significant other. Don't let society's standards dictate your comfort with your natural body – your partner sure won't.


How You Smell down There

This is a worry for most girls, but remember, it’s a vagina – it’s never going to smell of roses. I’m sure your partner’s genitals don’t either but you don’t mind, so neither will they!


Natural body odors are part of who we are. If you're clean and healthy, your unique scent is nothing to worry about. Sure, you can maintain hygiene with regular washing and perhaps the use of unscented, pH-balanced products. But, it’s crucial to recognize that the pursuit of an artificial 'fresh' smell can often do more harm than good, potentially leading to irritation or infection. So, embrace your natural aroma with confidence. After all, intimacy is about being close to the real you.



Spots are one of life’s curses but they’re nothing to be embarrassed about. I go around the flat with cream smothered everywhere when I have spots – it’s not a big deal, they will go again.


When you're sharing your life with someone, those pesky blemishes are just part of the package. Remember, your partner likely has had their fair share, so there's no judgment in sight. Let's face it, everyone's skin rebels from time to time, and it can even be a little therapeutic to help each other out with a skincare routine or just provide a comforting smile when a new spot pops up. Embrace the imperfections – they can bring you closer, and prove that beauty is truly skin deep. After all, intimacy is about being open and authentic, spots included!


Your Stomach

I’ve come to embrace my food baby – sometimes I look pregnant after a big meal but my boyfriend and I just laugh about it. If you have a food baby or carry a few extra pounds on your stomach, that won’t matter - your partner loves you for you.

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