7 Things You Shouldn't do in the Beginning of a New Relationship ...


There are a lot of things no-one should do in the beginning of a new relationship. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to realize what those things are, especially if all those butterflies in your stomach can make you not think straight. Nobody’s perfect when it comes to knowing how to behave in the beginning of a new relationship, but with a little bit of help, you will see that it’s not that hard to control your emotions and behave in a more appropriate way according to the stage of your relationship.

1. Don’t Lie!

I know that sometimes you may feel a little bit insecure, but you should get a hold of yourself and on your feelings and don’t do the mistake most people do in the beginning of a new relationship: don’t lie! Honesty is always the right thing to do in every situation, especially when it comes to your love life. Don’t lie, whether you are tempted to do it because you wanna improve yourself and you think that by lying you will win somebody’s love, or because you don’t wanna hurt somebody’s feelings in case you are not that interested after you got to know them better. By being honest, you’ll be able to avoid those unpleasant situations that may appear afterwards.

Don’t Play “Hard to Get”!


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Isabella Coles
@Jane I respect those views, but for girls like me who have only been in one relationship as an example - I am fully committed and have a happy healthy relationship and in the bedroom. :) I have been ...
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Interesting, I agree on holding off the sex until he works for it. Lol. I decided to wait until we get really serious and committed to one another even though we are seeing eachother exclusively. If ...
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@Shelby Lynn I dislike the fact you say It's a self respect thing. It is not. Trying to make it work with someone is to discover whether or not you connect with them on every level - also sexually. Wa...
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