7 Things You Shouldn't Hide from Your Partner if You Want a Serious Relationship ...


If you think that you’ve found your true love, there are things you shouldn’t hide from your partner. Committed relationships require both members to be completely honest. If you keep secrets from him, you’re holding yourself back from letting him know the real you. When you’re in love, remember that there are plenty of things you shouldn’t hide from your partner.

1. Natural Beauty

If you think your man is ‘the one,’ you won’t be able to hide your true appearance from him. He’s going to see your hair after you get out of the shower and your face when it’s free of make-up. Don’t worry, because he’s going to love what you look like, even if you’re insecure. Your appearance is one of the things you shouldn't hide from your partner, simply because he's going to see the real you eventually. If you move in together, the charade is over.

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FA Dot
Having a crush on a celeb is pointless anyways... 😩😂
For the most part great advice but I think not depends on the guy some guys never want to hear about your crushes ever. I don't think I want to hear about his either though so I'm fine with that.
Isabella Coles
Great article, it's a good reminder for honest and open communication, which is sooo important! If you just be yourself and don't be scared, your guy will love you for opening up to him 😊
I feel da same way
Having a crush on NPH is like a broken pencil. Pointless. I always think of him like a cool cousin or something.
Andrea Isaza
So true! Love this and love my relationship 💕
Nice! Inspiring advice..:) thankyou
I don't believe you should hide anything. You should always be open and honest. Just my opinion :)
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