3. “How Much Money do You Make?”

You should never ask this question, especially in the beginning of a new relationship. I’m sure you might be very curious but you wouldn’t want to send him (her) the wrong impression.

You could make him (her) feel ashamed if he (she) doesn’t make that much money right now, or on the contrary, if you’re with someone who does make a lot of money, he (she) might think this is the only reason you might have for being in that relationship. So, don’t send him (her) the wrong message and pay attention to what you’re asking him (her)!

Don’t Talk about Your Future Together


Marian Bailey
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I unfortunately had to learn that the hard way.
Oops :/ thanks!!! Very helpful!!
Ahh good !! I agree with Stephanie too
Don\'t tell them that you see yourself loving them. Biggest mistake.
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