7 Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Make You do for Him ...


No matter how much you love your partner, there are things your boyfriend should never make you do. He's not in charge of you, so he shouldn't be barking orders at you. Even though you're in a relationship, you're still your own person and are in charge of your own actions. Here are a few big things your boyfriend should never make you do if you don't want to:

1. End Friendships

It's understandable for him to be uncomfortable with you texting your ex every single night, but he should be okay with you having friends that you hang out with when he's not around. He doesn't have power over you, unless you let him have it. Telling your friends that you can't hang out with them anymore, even when you're dying to see them, is one of the things your boyfriend should never make you do. He can express how he feels about them, but whether you spend time with them is not his call.

Lose Weight


Congina Bouie
I agee with all that. Especially the weight part. I dated a guy who told me I needed to lose weight I was very hurt by what he said but I did it. I lost 50lbs. and when I was done more guys started to...
I agree with everything that is said here except for one very important thing. I take serious issue with "remember that your needs are more important than his". This is just wrong, plain and simple....
Yep agree agree agree
Camille C
I think it's so so important for women everywhere to know this. If he really, truly likes/loves you, he won't force you into anything! Just a side note: sex won't make him love you and a baby won't make him stay
Sugar Daddie
Rubbish talk
Wtf. Anything sexual should never be forced
Agreed! ⬇️
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