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7 Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Make You do for Him ...

By Holly

No matter how much you love your partner, there are things your boyfriend should never make you do. He's not in charge of you, so he shouldn't be barking orders at you. Even though you're in a relationship, you're still your own person and are in charge of your own actions. Here are a few big things your boyfriend should never make you do if you don't want to:

1 End Friendships

It's understandable for him to be uncomfortable with you texting your ex every single night, but he should be okay with you having friends that you hang out with when he's not around. He doesn't have power over you, unless you let him have it. Telling your friends that you can't hang out with them anymore, even when you're dying to see them, is one of the things your boyfriend should never make you do. He can express how he feels about them, but whether you spend time with them is not his call.

2 Lose Weight

If you're itching to get fit, then it's great for your man to encourage you. However, if he's the one to mention that the number on your scale is a little too high, don't throw on your sneakers just for him. Ask yourself if you're working out for your own health and to feel better about yourself, or if you're only doing it for him. If it's the latter, reconsider your actions.


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3 Change Your Beliefs

If your man wants you to switch religions for him, or switch up your morals, don't let him. You can always consider it, because you never know when he'll make a good point, but you shouldn't do what he asks without thinking about your own feelings on the subject. You have control of your own life.

4 Have Children or Get Married

You might love your partner with all your heart, but aren't the type of person who wants to get married and have kids. Or maybe you are, but you want to wait a few years. If you're not ready for a huge commitment, don't let him talk you into it. It'll only end badly for the both of you.

5 Cook and Clean

It's nice to divide the chores so that you're both helping out. If he's always leaving his dirty dishes in the sink and his smelly clothes in your hamper, don't feel like you have to do his work for him. It's sweet to help him out, but if he's doing nothing in return, he doesn't deserve the favor.

6 Give up Your Dreams

You can't give up your dreams in order to stay with a man, even if you think he's the love of your life. You can either work something out or break up with him. You shouldn't put a relationship ahead of your overall happiness.

7 Stay with Him

You have to do what makes you happiest. If you aren't happy in your relationship, then you have to end it. No matter what he tries to do to convince you, you have to remember that your needs are more important than his. You can't stay with him forever and be unhappy, just to keep him content.

No matter how long you've been with your partner, he doesn't have control over you. You're in charge of your own decisions, not him. Has a man ever tried to get you to change for him?

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