Think before You Say I do ...

By Khadija

Think  before You Say  I do  ...

You have to think before you say I do. “Will you marry me?” The words most women dream of hearing. The words leading to a life of bliss as most tend to envision for themselves. Although marriage is displayed as sunshine and lollipops, marriage is hard! It requires so much more than vacations, kids, a home with the white picket fence. It is about dedication, communication, compromise and unconditional love.

When two become one, it is not just physically but mentally. When thinking of yourselves, your significant other should always come to mind even when you temporarily dislike them because they leave the toilet seat up or they leave their heels right in the hallway for you to step on. The small things will get to us, but we have to remember this is the person we wanted to spend our life with.

Marriage today is a lot more different than marriage over 50 years ago. The divorce rate is at an all-time high leaving love to be at an all-time low. When I say love, I mean through thick and thin kind of love. That no matter what the person does, you will be there for them, care for them and stand by the vows you took in front of your family and friends. I went for my drivers license a few years ago and I remember seeing this 70+ couple renewing their license and when his wife passes her test, he slapped her on the ass and said “Good job, honey.” it was the kind of love most don’t get to experience because they don’t stick around long enough to work things out.

Before you say I do, to only say you don’t a few years later, think to yourself, is this the person I want to wake up to until death do us part? If they cheat, is that something I can deal with? When financial hardship comes about, will I stay? How do we want to raise our children? Can I stand his overbearing mother? Plenty of newlyweds find themselves in love with the good parts but what about the bad? If you really love this person, nothing will take you away from them. But please remember, in order to love the other, the other has to love and respect you as true love and successful marriages are a mutual thing. That's why you've got to think before you say I do.

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