This is How Emotionally Abused πŸ˜” Girls Love Differently πŸ’— ...


Loving someone that has been emotionally abused is hard, especially if you are the rebound. You need to do a lot more understanding and you'll have to be very patient. If your girlfriend fits the bill on πŸ”˜ emotionally abused, take 🎬 a look πŸ’‡ below, that way you can get a guide of how to care for her and really understand what she's been through.

1. We Are Fiercely Independent

While being in a relationship πŸ‘¬ is great, when a girl πŸ’ has been emotionally abused, it takes a lot out of her, it takes a lot for her to really accept πŸ’― that she has someone that she can depend on. She is fiercely independent because she doesn't want to depend on πŸ”˜ anyone. You'll need to do some digging on πŸ”› why, but trust me, it's worth it.

We Know How Strong ✊ We Are


Francesca Rose
I love this article...this is so true!
Isabella Coles
I was that person but it took me maybe 2 years to let anyone in until I felt like I was really in love.. and he even waited to be intimate with me so I really respect and love him for that ☺️
Tanya Danielle Burbridge
So true
Tanya Danielle Burbridge
Or years
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