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This is the Kind of Guy You Need to Give up on ...

By Sici

Is your man a keeper or is he the kind of guy you just need to give up on and kick to the curb? For some people, it is in their nature to hold on to relationships and partners that are clearly not good for them. Whether you are blinded by love or by a fear of singledom or anything in between, it can sometimes take the outside opinion and action of a friend or family member to help you see that the guy you are currently dating is absolutely no good for you. I get it, it can be difficult to let you go, especially if you have feelings against your better judgment, but trust me when I say that there are plenty of better, more deserving fish in the sea! Here are some indicators of the kind of guy to give up on.

1 Unresponsive

You need to give up on a guy if he makes a habit of taking hours and hours to answer you back after any kind of message is sent. It’s 2018, we all have our phones with us at all times, there is absolutely no reason that he isn’t replying other than he is deliberately trying to play games with you. You don’t need that kind of juvenile behaviour in your life.

2 Online Interest

Do you find that he is only into you after you post a particularly attractive photo of yourself on Instagram or Facebook? If a guy needs a filtered selfie to remind him of the good thing that he’s got going on, then he doesn’t deserve to be the person who gets to enjoy you in real life.

3 Vicious Cycle

He is really nice to you one day, then treats you like dirt the next, and then repeats that behaviour all over again. The fun that you might have with him on his nice days just isn’t enough to justify the fact that a lot of the time he is a horrible person to be with. Don’t let him get you to the stage where you are walking on eggshells and feeling lucky to catch him in a good mood.

4 No Future Answers

He point blank refuses to discuss any kind of future with you, almost as if he is only interested in you as a thing to fill up his present attention span. You deserve better than a partner who doesn’t actually see you as a long-term companion. There are too many other great fish in the sea!

5 Casual

I understand that relationships can sometimes operate in a light and breezy fashion, but at some point, you are going to have to leave the casual stage and make things more official. If he is unwilling to do this with you, then you have to have a long hard think about whether he is ever going to be ready to take that next step. If you are in a place in your life where you feel ready to move on, you absolutely need to be partnered with someone on the same wavelength.

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