This is What His Hug πŸ€— Says πŸ’¬ for Girls Who Are Majorly Confused πŸ€” ...


Hugs are something that seem simple but actually can mean different things. Body language and physical touch can be great signs to see what a guy is feeling. Check out the list below to figure out what the man in your life might be thinking πŸ’­

1. A Back Stroke

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If you get a hug and he rubs your back, then it may be a sign that he is trying to comfort or reassure you 😌. It’s an extra sign that shows openness and vulnerability as well – we are not used to our backs being touched all too often.

The Squeeze


What about he always like to hug me from the back while we are sleeping and vice versa...not big fan of the face to face hug except during s e x and even then its brief not intimately long!
2 is the one I use by far the most
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