Thoughts That'll Run through Your Head when You See Your Ex's Instagram ...


Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr ā€“ there are so many friggin' ways to stalk your ex. If you are like me, you've probably purposely not unfollowed your ex on Instagram because you want to know what's going on in his life ā€¦ right? Do you ever have any of these thoughts below? I have!

1. Why is He so Hot?

Why is He so Hot?
You Really Don't Want to Look ā€¦


Ive laughed so hard about this article, this is just really me
Tanya whatever
And then you create a fake account to look at his posts. You send him a message "hi" and he replies, "I know its you"...but then, you realise what on earth are you doing. Fuck this shit. Fuck him. It ...
SNAP: I also don't engage in Instagram or Facebook.
Haha pretty accurate and very funny šŸ˜…
A long time ago I thought I was okay to look at my ex's Facebook after we had been broken up for awhile... My heart hurt for a week and I cried a lot. Never a good idea!
Temptation has been there, yes, lol.
peony blue
Thank goodness i don't do Instagram then...!
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