7 Thoughts πŸ’­ You Have when You First Meet πŸ‘‹ Your Partner's Parents 😰 ...

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how in love you might be, meeting your partner’s parents is always a tense and nerve-wracking time! Whether you are 16 or 36, you always want to make a good first impression on them and you always want come away feeling like you have made a special connection, but that doesn’t stop your mind from wondering and having certain thoughts, both helpful and unhelpful! Here are seven of the most common thoughts you have when you first meet your partner’s parents.

1. Are We Serious?

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Does meeting the parents automatically mean that your relationship has gone from dating to serious? It seems like an important step to be introduced to the people who most important to them in the world, right?

2. What Should I Wear?

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You want to be yourself and true to your real personality, but at the same time, you always want to go a little smarter than usual so that the parents can see you are someone who respects different occasions and has social awareness!

3. How do I Behave?

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Should you act completely natural, or should you put on a bit of a show to give a good first impression? I think a combination of the two is probably the perfect way to go on this one.

4. Is His Dad Hot?

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Don’t lie, the thought has gone through your head more than a few times! It is completely natural to wonder about where your boo came from, and what kind of genes he inherited! After all, the dad bod is the new ideal according to certain circles of the internet!

5. Should I Ask Questions?

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You don’t know how forward you should be in your interactions. After all, you are mostly the one who is there to be judged and probed, so you will probably find yourself answering more questions than you end up asking but that’s okay as long as everything stays civil!

6. Do They like Me?

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It’s the thing that is most likely going to be at the front of your mind, but try not to get obsessed by it. You are less likely to impress them if you are too stuck in your own head!

7. Am I Breathing?

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Well, if you have the mindfulness to be asking this question to yourself, then yes, you most probably are even if it doesn’t feel like it!

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