7 Times when You Are Allowed to Call an Ex ...

Yes, most of the time you shouldn't do it, but there are in fact times when you are allowed to call an ex. Usually, whether you should be allowed to call an ex or not depends on how the relationship ended, or sometimes even began. Were you friends before? Are you on good terms now? However, for the most part, there are some times when you are allowed to call an ex. After all, he is a person, and deserves to be treated like a human being!

1. If One of His Close Family Member Passes Away

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One of the times when you are allowed to call an ex, is if you, heaven forbid, hear that one of his close family member passes away. Whether you are on talking terms or not, you were close with him at some point in your life. Therefore, it is only right and respectful that you call him to ask how he’s doing. He will definitely appreciate it!

2. If There’s Potential to Work Things out

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If you truly feel that you broke up due to minor or trivial issues, you are allowed to call your ex to work things out. However, both you and your man must be willing to make a real effort to work things out. There would be no point if you got back together, and those minor problems remained unsolved.

3. If He Has an Occupation That Can Benefit You

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If he is a doctor, and you need his help, you are allowed to call him! No funny business, though! Call him strictly if you have a medical issue that he can help with!

4. If There is Something Important That They Need to Know

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If you hear or find something out that he should know, such as one of his best friends is in trouble, or he left something valuable at your place, you should call him.

5. If It’s His Birthday

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It is perfectly fine to call your ex on his birthday! It’s casual, friendly, and a nice thing to do. It shows that you remember his special day, and care to congratulate him. Just make sure that is all you say to him!

6. If You Were Friends before, and Want to Go Back to Being Friends

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If before the relationship you were friends, and now, after the relationship, you wish to go back to where you were before, you can call him. Let him know how you feel, and explain to him how much you valued your friendship with him before your relationship. Hopefully he will listen, and will be willing to go back to being friends again.

7. When You Haven’t Spoken to Him in a While, and Just Want to See How He’s Doing

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After a relationship, especially a long-term one, it is normal to know how the other person is doing. Rather than stalking him, it’s okay to call him and ask how he’s holding up. However, I suggest that you wait a few months before doing so, as things can get messy between the two of you. You don’t want to give the impression that you want him back or that you can’t live without him! Give him time and space, and then make your call.

In these circumstances, you are allowed to call your ex. However, when in doubt, don’t call him! Have you ever called your ex when you shouldn’t have? Or were there times when you called and things got better?

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