7 Tips for a Blissful Marriage That Have Worked for Me ...

There are some tips for a blissful marriage that have worked wonderfully well for me. I want to share with you these tips for a blissful marriage in hopes they help you as much as they have me. These pieces of advice are tested and true. I know they work because we have a very happy marriage and look forward to many more years together.

1. Look at the Good Things

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This is one of the best and simplest tips for a blissful marriage. You have two choices in a marriage. You can look at all the good things in your marriage and feel happy and content. The other choice is to look at all of the bad things and feel sad and disappointed. A lot of our happiness is dependent upon our decision to be happy and count our blessings. Choose to build your marriage up by counting the blessings in it instead of tearing it down by counting the problems in it.

2. Don’t Argue in Front of Others

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Don’t fight your battles in public. This is a bad decision on so many different levels. It paints you in a bad light, it makes others think poorly of you and can actually even start a lot of gossip about the state of your relationship. Keep private things private. Your disagreements are nobody else’s business.

3. Go to Bed at the Same Time

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Going to bed at the same time of day is very good for your marriage. It is a time you can talk and enjoy being together. When one of you goes to bed while the other stays up, it is bad in several different ways. It is a time of broken unity between you. Secondly, it sends the message that whatever the one staying up is doing is more important than turning in at the same time and being together. Of course, there are times this cannot be helped but when you can, turn in at the same time.

4. Take Care of Your Marriage

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A marriage will not thrive without time and attention. You cannot expect it to do well without putting effort back into it. Make it a priority to spend time together and do things to enrich your marriage. Read books about that subject. Learn together. Talk about your relationship and what you want to see happen in the years to come.

5. Appreciate Each Other

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This is a big one. Just because you are married does not mean that you should stop appreciating each other. Be thankful for the person you are married to. More than that, tell them you are thankful for them in your life. Not only should you continue appreciating one another but continue being considerate of one another.

6. Be Open-minded

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An important little piece of advice that many couples forget to follow is to be open-minded with one another. Attempt to understand your spouse’s thoughts and feelings and see where they are coming from. Make it a goal to hear one another out and see each other’s point of view. This will bring closeness to your marriage. Even if you don’t agree, you can rest in the fact that you really listen to one another.

7. Be Lifelong Committed to One Another

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Here is a before marriage piece of advice; don’t get married if you are not planning on it being for life. Of course there are times divorce occurs but don’t have that option ready and waiting when you get married or are married. You need to have a deep level of commitment to one another if you are going to withstand the things that life throws at you. Knowing that you both share that commitment makes your love stronger. You can trust your spouse more fully when you know that they are fully committed to you.

There are so many helpful pieces of advice to make marriage blissful. What has made your marriage happy throughout the years? I would love to know your secrets!

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