6. The Ring

Getting engaged is a big step and diamonds have long been touted as a girl’s best friend. But there are ways to ensure that your diamond engagement ring is eco-friendly too. Shop around for diamonds that have come from specific mines that have mined ethically and give back to the environment. Alternatively you can opt for a manufactured diamond as opposed to the real thing – a trend that is hitting the eco-friendly community in a big way.

The Bio-degradable Sex Friend


Clare Smith
@NinjaBudgie well actually disposing of a condom in a rubbish bin is a lot more Eco-friendly than ditching it in a field or bush..... Even taking landfill and incineration into account
Neecey Beresford
Thanks ladies for pointing out issues with the photo. We've now changed it.
Neecey Beresford
Hi NinjaBudgie, - here's some info on the eco-friendly disposal of condoms http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/environmentally-friendly-condom-disposal
I hesitate to ask but... 1. How does one dispose of a condom earth-friendly (assuming you don't want to re-use it!) 2. What material (other than glass) are earth-friendly "friends" made from? More dear? P.S. that pic is seriously disturbing!
Gabriella Sophia
What on Earth is up with her hip?
In the article above this it talks about girls with weight issues yet they post a picture in article with a girl who is literal skin and bones
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