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Every girl needs tips for better communication in your relationship. Do you ever find yourself talking to your man, and it seems like he cannot even hear you? Or he is in auto pilot mode with repetitive um-hmms? As women this infuriates us because we are communicators, and there's nothing more aggravating than trying to communicate and having it all seem so one-sided. It's no big secret that men and women's brains are wired differently, women use communication to help sort out own thoughts and emotions, as well as face problems head on, and it helps us to feel emotionally bonded to our partner. When it comes to much needed talks with our significant other, sometimes being tactful is the key to opening a dialog. Use these five tips for better communication in your relationship and you will have him talking and listening in no time.

1. Keep the Conversation Interesting

In most instances there is one phrase that can scare a grown man worse than anything, "we need to talk". He thinks, oh no here comes a list of what I did wrong, or he is thinking, time for the dull bus to boredom town. This is where tact comes in, think about his interest, start out by talking about things he likes and draw him into the conversation. Before you know it, the conversation is flowing, and this will open the door for you to talk freely about what is on your mind while offering him the same. This is one of my best tips for better communication in your relationship.

Pillow Talk


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