7 Tips for Dating a Gamer ...


7 Tips for Dating a Gamer ...
7 Tips for Dating a Gamer ...

If you are dating a gamer, welcome to a vast world that consists of clans, raids, quests, campers, leveling up and upgrades. While I know there are plenty of lovely ladies out there holding their own in the gaming world, there are also many that may need a bit of advice on dating a gamer. If you are new to gaming, here’s 7 awesome tips if you have snagged a cute gamer guy.

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Let Him Have Gaming Time

Gamers need a lot of time to play their videogame of choice. It’s in his gaming nature to want to upgrade his weapons, gain experience points, unlock achievements and do other tasks the game calls for. If you don’t share his gaming passion, don’t complain. Rolling your eyes at him the entire time while he plays is a waste of time because he’s way too zoned out trying to kill the guy that just killed him to notice your eyeball theatrics. This is key when dating a gamer.


Find Your Inner Gamer

Embrace the inner gamer goddess inside of you and grab the controller. Spend some time trying to learn the game that he’s playing. Or explore different games that are more suited to your interests. Your boyfriend will think it’s totally awesome to have a girl that is taking an interest in his hobbies. And another plus is that you can share quality time together which may help you improve your relationship.


Ask for Help

It’s in a guy's nature to want to teach his girlfriend a few things. There are a million different aspects to most games and it can take a while to learn everything. Ask your boyfriend for tips, advice and strategies. He will love that he helped you get better at the game.


Video-Game Challenged

Some girls have killer eye-hand coordination which allows them to easily manipulate the buttons and joysticks of their game controller. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the girls like my best friend who can only manage to make herself dizzy as her character spins in circles staring up at the sky. If you are in the latter category, then step away from the controller and grab a book instead. Read a book while he’s playing video games can keep you from becoming bored.


Let Him Concentrate

Your boyfriend can attest to the fact that it’s difficult trying to stay alive while a horde of zombies is chasing after you. And its difficult trying to find the perfect shot when you are a sniper in military combat games. These are merely examples as to why he needs to use his full concentration as he’s playing. He doesn’t need to hear about your day at work or about the old friend that you ran into while he is playing.


Use the Microphone Wisely

Many gamers use microphones to communicate with other players as they tackle a mission together. Some guys like to let their girlfriend use the microphone while they are playing. If your boyfriend lets you talk on the microphone while you are playing, avoid flirting with other guys. This is not only disrespectful to your relationship but it’s also hurtful. It’s also an easy way to get attached to another gamer guy if you play with a clan which can only spell trouble in your relationship.


Gamer Gifts Made Easy

When it’s time for his birthday or a major holiday, give him a gift related to his gaming hobby. Pick up a Playstation/Xbox Live gift card, strategy guide or new game controller. You may think he wants a romantic gift but he will appreciate a gift like I mentioned instead of a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet. Guys usually like practical gifts instead of romantic things.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you have a successful relationship with a gamer. Most importantly, if you aren’t into video games, don’t worry. Your boyfriend will still love having you by his side as he tackles zombies, aliens, demons and more. Girls do you have any other dating tips to share?

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My husband and I met in an online game! We were friends online for 5 years before he decided to profess his affection for me. We now have an amazing marriage. It is so much fun to be with someone who loves you AND shares your interests. Instead of looking down on each other for being gamers(like other married couples I know.) we take pride in each others gaming abilities and have fun together.

Luckily both my man and I are gamers. It's always fun to join in with him, especially in games such as Halo where we can be on the same 'team' and work together!

Playstation live hehe , made my boyfriend giggle

I have dated a few gamers and I am a gamer myself. Some I did come after the game and they knew it, but others treated me like the Queen of Sheba and I treated them like the King. I think what this article is trying to explain I how to get involved in the hobby of gaming without a) looking like an idiot, b) pissing him off, and c) actually maybe even liking gaming. But to put a blanket statement saying all gamers will put you last is not true. Yes gaming can be an addiction for male and female, but it can be done casually as well.

Gaming is addiction that ruins people's lives. You should make a list called "how to date an alcoholic". DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT date a gamer. Very few of them have their addiction under control. Most can not hold jobs and pay bills.

And if they do have jobs and pay bills gaming will come second an you will come third. Don't bother. You are more important than a game.

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