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If you are dating a gamer, welcome to a vast world that consists of clans, raids, quests, campers, leveling up and upgrades. While I know there are plenty of lovely ladies out there holding their own in the gaming world, there are also many that may need a bit of advice on dating a gamer. If you are new to gaming, hereโ€™s 7 awesome tips if you have snagged a cute gamer guy.

1. Let Him Have Gaming Time

Gamers need a lot of time to play their videogame of choice. Itโ€™s in his gaming nature to want to upgrade his weapons, gain experience points, unlock achievements and do other tasks the game calls for. If you donโ€™t share his gaming passion, donโ€™t complain. Rolling your eyes at him the entire time while he plays is a waste of time because heโ€™s way too zoned out trying to kill the guy that just killed him to notice your eyeball theatrics. This is key when dating a gamer.

Find Your Inner Gamer


Sara McKee
I am married to a gamer Essbee, and although sometimes I can feel a little forgotten, mostly I feel like a queen. My gamer nerd only has eyes for me :) We play guild wars 2 with friends and he is so p...
Jasmine ร‰lise Medlin
@Julia Adams, I love doing that too! It's so fun to find them and scream "Over there! On the left!"
Jasmine ร‰lise Medlin
Essbee, I'm sorry, but you are so wrong. My boyfriend is the sweetest guy, takes care of me in every way possible, and always puts me first. He also has a wonderful job at Nordstrom, so we never need ...
Carmella Borum
I have dated a few gamers and I am a gamer myself. Some I did come after the game and they knew it, but others treated me like the Queen of Sheba and I treated them like the King. I think what this ar...
Lyndsie Robinson
Well said, Ruth! And you definitely deserve the title, that is so cool!
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Ruth Marsh
What the....? Me and my partner both love the xbox. However, amidst Skyrim, COD, Halo, Assassins Creed.... We still manage to work, study, keep house and raise our son. It's no different to any of our...
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