5 Tips 👌 for Dealing with Being Cheated on 💔 and How to Survive 💪Emotionally 😭 ...

Being cheated on is THE worst so you need tips for dealing with being cheated on. When trust is violated, it makes you question if anything in your relationship was real. Did he really love you? What did that girl have that you didn’t? Was she prettier? More fun? Getting stepped out on will wreak havoc on your emotions and if you’re not careful, you could even slide into a depression. Fortunately, you CAN and WILL survive this! Here’s how to cope when he cheated.

1. Get Mad

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One of the best tips for dealing with being cheated on is to get really mad. Yes, you read that correctly. Get M-A-D. In order to get past this feeling, you have to let your emotions run their course. If you try to bury them, eventually the pain will become too much to bear and you will explode. To begin the healing process you have to acknowledge how you feel and allow yourself to process it. Cry. Yell. Vent to your best friends. Sing “Before He Cheats” at a karaoke bar. Get all the anger out (without doing anything illegal, please), but remember you can’t stay mad forever. It’s not going to be easy, but the goal is to put one foot in front of the other so you can move past this.

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