9 Tips for Getting through a Deployment and Saving Your Sanity ...


Are you worried about getting through a deployment? Maybe you’re new to military life, or maybe you’ve been through a dozen deployments. It doesn’t matter, they never get easier! Here are a few tips for getting through a deployment in case you need a little encouragement or inspiration if you’re wondering how to make it through those long days ahead.

1. Take It One Day at a Time

One key to getting through a deployment is by taking it one day at a time. If you look at it as one lump, like 6 months or a year, it can get overwhelming. So take it one day at a time and resolve not to stress about next week before it ever arrives! The days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and before you know it, the deployment is over.

Find Something to Focus on


Susan elfman
Thank you, this will help when my brother is being deployed in the future (I know he's not my significant other, which I feel this was directed towards people with deployed significant others, but I felt it necessary to say).
my partner is soon to go in his first ever dep and its for 6 months...this has helped already. thank you!
Amber Carter
thank you
Thank you for posting this. It's really great and it has been working for me. :)
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