7 Tips for Getting through to a Partner Who Doesn't Listen ...


Getting through to a partner who doesn't listen is frustrating, difficult, and likely to seem like an exercise in futility once you get exasperated enough. It's not necessarily that your partner doesn't want to listen to you; he or she may simply lack active listening skills. Sometimes, of course, there are deeper issues at fault. Every relationship is different, so you'll have to consider why your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend isn't listening to you. Whatever the case, getting through to a partner who doesn't listen isn't impossible – it just requires some dedication and patience.

1. Consider Your Delivery

How do you talk to your partner? Do you stage a frustrated ambush at the end of the day? Start complaining about something days after it happened, after it's had time to build up and blow up? If you want to start getting through to a partner who doesn't listen, you have to think about the way you approach the situation. Every person is different, and your partner may do better with a different delivery method. Think, too, about how you like to be spoken to, and try to approach your partner the same way.

Talk, Don't Lecture