5 Tips for How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Period ...


5 Tips for How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Period ...
5 Tips for How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Period ...

There’s plenty of reasons why periods are called the curse. And there are plenty of men asking how a man should deal with a woman on her period.

Perfectly stable, balanced women turn into a completely different person during their menstrual period, becoming friends, girlfriends, and wives that their men just don’t recognize. And worse, they are men who really have no idea how to handle that time of the month.

Men can shut down, ignore it is happening and simply put up with it. They bear the anxiety, mood swings, irritability and they don’t know what to do when we’re experiencing cramping and horrible pain.

So, here’s what we would like to say to the men in our lives. This is how a man should deal with a woman on her period.

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Know when Our Cycle is

interaction, conversation, girl, eating, Yes, you can make like a Boy Scout and be prepared, which is really the best answer for how a man should deal with a woman on her period. If you know when our cycles are, you can be ready to make allowances and change the way you interact with us. You can be more sensitive to our ever-changing moods and help soothe the physical pain. We know you can’t suffer with us, but your support and understanding goes a long way toward making us feel better.


Lay off the Jokes

forehead, socialite, girl, Laughing will definitely make us feel better and help us smile through the pain and discomfort but please, let’s not make jokes about it “being that time of the month”. We don’t want to feel shamed because of something we have no control over. Please just understand that we don’t enjoy this process, we aren’t deliberately withholding ourselves from you, and the moods are just as difficult for us to deal with as for you.


Respect the Impact on Our Libido

human hair color, girl, product, There are times during our menstrual cycle when our hormones go wild. They buzz around our bodies creating absolute havoc. Our levels of horniness take dives like swallows and peak like mountains. Please understand, this isn’t you. We don’t suddenly not fancy you or are making excuses for getting out of bedroom gymnastics. We simply don’t feel like it. And when we are feeling horny AF, honey, make the most of it (wink).


Don’t Ignore the Problem or Run Away

sky, coast, recreation, vacation, physical exercise, Yes, we know we can be difficult at this time of the month. The slightest little niggle might make us burst into tears. We might get angry at the silliest things. And yes, we will probably blame you for anything and everything that goes wrong. This might lead you to thinking we don’t want you around and you take off to meet up with the guys. Not so fast matey. If we don’t want you around we’ll let you know. Take your cue from us. TLC matters! So does just knowing you’re there.


We Appreciate TLC

black and white, monochrome photography, interaction, muscle, monochrome, We aren’t exactly sick but it’s nice to think that you want to look after us. It’s ok to treat us as if we are sick and show us some tender loving care. Bring us a hot water bottle to hold against our tummy to ease the pain. Bring a throw for us to snuggle under on the ouch (join us if you like). Make hot drinks because they help. Be kind by helping out with extra chores when the cramping makes it hard for us to wash up or do the vacuuming. Maybe a foot rub with peppermint foot lotion. And we love hugs. Plenty of hugs. And you know what really makes us feel better? Chocolate!

Being more understanding and caring at your lady’s time of the month can only strengthen your relationship. You don’t have to get in touch with your feminine side and there’s no threat to your manhood. You’re interacting in a sympathetic and intimate manner and that can only build trust and love.

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