2. Stay on Your Own Level in the Hierarchy

When any relationships develop between co-workers, there are a number of problems that could develop, but these problems become serious when one is supervising the other. Avoid at all costs becoming involved with some who is your superior or who works for you. At the very least, these entanglements will affect both your work and home life.

Your co-workers will figure it out, and it will be difficult to avoid accusations of favoritism. If management discovers the romance, they may dismiss both parties or move one party to a different location within the company. There are very successful relationships that have begun as boss/subordinate, but youโ€™ve got to be aware that one of you is already in a position of โ€œpowerโ€ over the other and to not let this continue into or affect your relationship outside of the workplace. Boss at work โ€“ yes. Boss in everything else โ€“ no!

Avoid Public Displays of Affection


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