12. Be Mysterious

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Don't reveal everything about yourself right away. This includes your body as well as your personality. Guys like a little bit of mystery. If they know what they're getting right away, then there is no fun in that for him. They like the chase and finding out what there is to know - especially about your body. Don't dress too revealing, just sexy enough to make him look.

Be in Control


Mary Francis Cody
I have a guy that I dated for a month and me and him text everyday. Is that weird if we stay together forevery
Mary Francis Cody
Makayla Byars
Hi, I only read two tips. Are there more?
I have a guy that I've met 7-8 times, when we are together we act like a couple when we are apart he never texts. I have to text to get a conversation but yet he reads them and don't reply! Saying he ...
Gosh this is all so true
Jackie Lyn Alura Orale
Love it
O my god, I think you asking me to be someone else, only an angel can do that, and only for God ,not a dude
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