13. Be in Control

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Don't give in to everything that he says. Whether it's in the bedroom or just in general, take control every once in a while. Tell him you want to go to this place or that place and when you want to go there. Don't wait around for him to make plans and decisions. In bed, if your relationship is there, you try to take control every once in a while. Sometimes guys like to not be the one and only decision maker.

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girls plz help :'( it's been 10 days now not meeting my boyfriend everytime we agree to meet, something comes up and we don't go out though i wait and get ready but at the last moment he gives me call...
I do all of that but instead of having the guy be my boyfriend he s my best friend/ constant flirtation help anyone?
no stop playing hard to get! if you have to play hard to get to a giy he'a not worth the trouble.a real man will treat his girl like a queen and gives her all the attention she needs!
I couldn't have said it better myself... totally agree👌👍👏
Loved it!!
Ajee A
makes sense.
Anne Marie
Neecey Beresford
@manolo, I sometimes get that if I go into an article before the whole page has loaded. Just exit and re-enter. That should fix it.
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