15. Buy New Clothes

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Wear something you've never worn before to show off a new area of your body. If you only wear jeans, try donning a skirt. If you only wear heels, try throwing on some flats. Seeing you in something new will make him admire your beautiful body.

Take Pictures


Love this
kayla burns
how about being yourself
peony blue
Aaargh just be yourself girl after u have done a lot of these commandments he would have left u for ur best friend!!
And what if you don't have local friends?! The guy would dump you because you don't have any?
What of he If you to Call him first ???
Malcolm George
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So at my dads house theres this neighbor. He is one year older than me thanfully. I like him alot. But I usually see him on summers and stuff every year or at big parties my dad and my step mom. We ta...
Felicity Keith
This maybe bias however I find some of the tips work. F. Click here to know more about what I did to Make my Man Desire me... and ONLY me: http://woto.com/romance
I don't know you guys... The jealousy thing seems like a double standard. Let's have a little respect. If you don't want him to try these on you, don't try it on him.
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