17. Pay Attention to What He Likes

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You shouldn't pretend to love soccer, because you know he's a fan. But you can study up on statistics and watch a game with him. He'll appreciate the effort you're putting in. How could he resist a girl that takes a genuine interest in his hobbies?

Compliment Him


I couldn't have said it better myself... totally agree👌👍👏
Loved it!!
Ajee A
makes sense.
Anne Marie
Neecey Beresford
@manolo, I sometimes get that if I go into an article before the whole page has loaded. Just exit and re-enter. That should fix it.
can someone tell me why I can only see the nr1 of everything? I can\'t see the rest.. there are just adds and then other articles.. I have logged in....
I had to sign up for this site just to make my point. First of all why are women writing articles about what men like or want? If you don\'t have a dick you don\'t know! Women you\'re smarter than ...
@ovieberlian, No. It is ok, if you cant be free to love with all your heart, you are with the wrong guy. I wish she would text me more sometimes, but I got used to it. Now she wants all that back....
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