22. Dress up


As stated above, guys like to see you when you're dressed comfortably and appear down to earth. However, if you're going to a party or having a special date, surprise him by donning red lips and pumps.

Have Other Priorities


Halee Morgan
I like this guy but we went out and he broke up with me and he says he regrets it but I don't know if he wants to get back together or not I don't get it
Good tips! Worth tryin!
Karla JΓ‘uregui Baz
mil milano
Same here jade I love that jealousy part that's really good !
I need to not try so hard. I can text him how much i love him more than once a day. That needs to stop I guess?
No ma
Love the jealousy read!
Zhen Wu
Real men also do not like to play games. If he shows obvious interest and commitment time and time again then return some love to keep him around ;)
Ivana Wijaya
Definitely a good read. Thanks!
Number two is so important! They need to know you are relaxed and comfortable!
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