30. Be Appreciative

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I'm sure your guy does little things to let you know that he thinks about you so show your appreciation! All those dates he planned, special dinners, tickets to the concert you were dying to see were all done to impress you so don't be shy and express your appreciation. He'll love that you noticed all the little details and the effort he put in to make your date memorable.

There are all kinds of variables in a relationship that can intensify the bond or send it crumbling down into pieces. Keep your relationship strong by being someone your guy wants to be around more and more. He won’t only want to get close to you, but these tips will make you seem easier to talk to, spend time with, and be with long term. What’s your best piece of relationship advice on this topic?

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Elizabeth Erol
Every subject in that topic right now is the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend. I felt like I've accomplished a lot as a women . We 'be been together for 4 years now and people are su...
Recently I have a problem with a guy because he said he likes a chase and I basically haven't been able to give him that. The other night he wasn't making any moves so I felt like I had to and he didn...
My situation is a bit strange he will act sorta shy in public like during school but alone he gives me a lot of attention. Ufgh. And he doesn't always text back. Merp.
Kylie Osborne
Oh gosh this is so me right now!
Pasha Sharif
@Pasha Sharif,
Pasha Sharif
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I need some advice
☺️ very wise
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