7. Don’t Act Too Jealous

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This one can be tough, especially if you’ve had a number of guys cheat on you before. No matter how hard it is, you can’t be too jealous of anyone in a relationship. To make him want you more, show you are confident in the relationship and yourself.

If he gives you a reason to doubt him, then you may want to question if being in the relationship is best for you period. If you’re not sure, don’t confront him until you have enough evidence to prove him guilty, or it will only make you seem like the bad guy. If other girls flirt with your guy in front of you, let me share with you a handy tip. As hard as it may be, instead of acting jealous, smile at her, extend your hand and introduce yourself as his girlfriend. Kindness kills, sweetie!

Make Him Laugh


Felicity Keith
This maybe bias however I find some of the tips work. F. Click here to know more about what I did to Make my Man Desire me... and ONLY me: http://woto.com/romance
I don't know you guys... The jealousy thing seems like a double standard. Let's have a little respect. If you don't want him to try these on you, don't try it on him.
From a man's point of view all is right and good except from 4,5 and 16: Do the opposite of what the article says 4: After the date a man NEVER calls if he does he is soft and seeking approval. When ...
It's quite difficult if he's married and so are you...
Elizabeth Erol
Every subject in that topic right now is the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend. I felt like I've accomplished a lot as a women . We 'be been together for 4 years now and people are su...
Recently I have a problem with a guy because he said he likes a chase and I basically haven't been able to give him that. The other night he wasn't making any moves so I felt like I had to and he didn...
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