9. Make Plans without Him

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Don't be so available for him! Guys don't want a girl that is always around because there is no desire left in that. If you make plans with your friends and he wants to see you, he might feel a little let down but he'll ask again. He wants to spend time with you already so leave him hanging every once in a while. This will make him want you even more. We all want what we can't have.

Act Confident


This is so true. If a guy can't put any effort I to the relationship, let him go
Savannah LaFave
Loved this!
Mango Mom
Great article!! I have done a few already, but being myself has landed me with a guy that has a heart of gold. Any of you ladies have more tips? The more the better
Love this
kayla burns
how about being yourself
peony blue
Aaargh just be yourself girl after u have done a lot of these commandments he would have left u for ur best friend!!
And what if you don't have local friends?! The guy would dump you because you don't have any?
What of he If you to Call him first ???
Malcolm George
Things were not fair to me when my lover left me for another man. My name is George from UK and there has been a lot of joy in my heart since that very day that Dr. Baba whose email is: realhomeofspe...
So at my dads house theres this neighbor. He is one year older than me thanfully. I like him alot. But I usually see him on summers and stuff every year or at big parties my dad and my step mom. We ta...
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