7 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong when You Work Different Shifts ...


Are you searching for tips for keeping your relationship strong when you work different shifts? It is difficult to keep your relationship strong even when you are on the same shift but when you work opposite of one another, it can feel nearly impossible. Thankfully, it isn’t. For years my husband worked night shift and I was the daytime person. It was very difficult to be apart so much but we learned some little tricks along the way that helped us keep a good connection and I am happy to share these tips for keeping your relationship strong with you.

1. Make the Most of the Time You Have

The first of the tips for keeping your relationship strong is that you need to make the most of the time you do have together. Plan activities for the time when you get to be together. Look forward to those times. Anticipating the time together helps you feel stronger as a couple. My husband and I used to count the days down until he would be home with us again.

Be Intentional about Setting Dates


These are wonderful, definitely all true. At the moment I'm still going to school plus I have a job, while my boyfriend is in a completely different state in Army training, so it makes it hard for con...
Going through same thing right now with my bf sometimes finding time for each other can be impossible but u just have to find time esp if its worth it
Inri Rawis
Thank you for that tips, that it true
This is all so true. I go to school during the day and also have job which scheduales me whenever they want, while my boyfriend works graveyard shift every night. What works for us is that we spend an...
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