5. Leave Each Other Notes

As sweet as a text is, there’s no substitute for a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be a long, sappy letter. A few little lines to share how much your partner means to you are more than enough. That’s usually the kind of note that gets kept and reread often. They may even surprise you with leaving a note for you to find, too.

Remember This Too, Shall Pass


My boyfriend and I don't see each other much because we're both busy with different sports and we go to different schools. This article encourages me and gives me hope that we're gonna be ok :) thank you
Fernanda Argomaniz
It is an amazing article , Because it helps me to take notes !! I'll apply in a future :) thank you so much !!
His excuse is crazy busy but actually not, we are nearly quit for this reason
This how it is with my bf right now and we just text throughout the day and send each other words of encouragement to keep us going :)
Amazing article! Thank you very much.
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