7 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong when You're Both Crazy Busy ...

Do you need some tips for keeping your relationship strong because of your crazy schedules? It’s hard to stay connected when you’re both busy but it can be done with a little thought and creative planning. These are some tips for keeping your relationship strong in a crazy busy season. They can help you get through until your schedules calm down again.

1. Compare Schedules

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One of the first things that you want to do when you’re both crazy busy is compare your schedules. Look for any gaps where you both have an opening at the same time. When you find those gaps, reserve them for time together. Even if it’s just a quick breakfast, it’s a way to stay connected. Taking advantage of available time slots you find is one of the tips for keeping your relationship strong

2. Send a Text

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When you can’t find time to be together, you can still text. It only takes a minute to send a text. It’s a great way to say “I miss you” or “Thinking of you today.” It can totally make your partner’s day to receive a text like that. You can also get fun and playful in the texts you can send to each other.

3. Plan Mini-dates

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When you don’t have time for a full date, plan a mini-date. What’s a mini-date? It’s just a smaller version of a regular date. Instead of dinner and a movie, maybe you would grab some quick burgers together or meet for a cup of coffee before you both go to work. It isn’t quite the same but it sure beats not seeing one another at all.

4. Synchronize Your Schedules

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Give rearranging your schedules some thought. Can you switch your work hours up so you’re off at the same time? Take your classes at the same time so you have time off together? These are things that are worth thinking over. Even if you only discover something minimal such as being able to go to the gym together, it can help.

5. Leave Each Other Notes

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As sweet as a text is, there’s no substitute for a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be a long, sappy letter. A few little lines to share how much your partner means to you are more than enough. That’s usually the kind of note that gets kept and reread often. They may even surprise you with leaving a note for you to find, too.

6. Remember This Too, Shall Pass

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When things get tough in your crazy busy schedule, remember that it will pass. You probably won’t be this busy forever. You’ll finish your classes or get a different job. Knowing that it isn’t likely to be a permanent situation can be helpful. It gives you some encouragement to deal with the situation as it is right now.

7. Treasure the Time You Have

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Instead of feeling sad about the time you don’t have, try being happy about the time you do have. It may only be seeing each other once a week but it could be worse, right? Shifting your thoughts can really help. Make the most of your time together. Do things you both love and have fun together.

Are you in a relationship where you’re both crazy busy? How do you deal? Share your advice for others in the same situation!

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