17 Relationship Savings 🙏🏼 Tips for Living in Close Quarters 👌🏼 with Your Man 💑 ...

Moving in with your partner is a pretty big deal, whether it's the first time or the fifth. You have to adjust when you move in with someone, especially someone you're that intimate with, and you have to discover each other's likes, dislikes, and little quirks. That's cool, that's the fun part! Things get a little tougher when you're living in a small space, though – trust me, I know the struggle! So here are some tips for living in a small space with your significant other that'll keep you from getting scratchy with each other.

1. Respect the Schedule

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You'll probably need to set up a schedule for bathroom time, kitchen time, and even TV time, especially if you're living together in a small apartment or house. It doesn't mean you have to plan your lives down to the minute, just discover each other's preferences and personal schedules.

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