7 Tips for Making Your Marriage Divorce Proof ...

If you are married then you'll want to know the best tips for making your marriage divorce proof. We live in a world that enters into marriage with fear in our hearts. We fear divorce because it is so prevalent in our society but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow these tips for making your marriage divorce proof then your chances of marital success are much higher.

1. Lose the Word

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One of the best tips for making your marriage divorce proof is to absolutely lose the word, divorce. Refuse to even entertain the possibility. Having the attitude that divorce is simply not an option is a good attitude to have. This means that you never threaten divorce, even in the heat of an argument. Knowing that your commitment to one another is solid is a great way to make your marriage divorce proof.

2. Forgive Quickly

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Holding grudges toward one another will do nothing for your relationship and can in fact, endanger it in the long run. Have a forgiving heart toward one another. This helps to make your marriage stronger. It is impossible to make it through life with your spouse without having to forgive them as well as apologize to them from time to time. Accepting this early on is a wise decision.

3. Nurture Your Marriage Daily

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Marriage is made up of more than date nights and trips for your anniversaries. You have to make a conscious decision to nurture your marriage each day. You do this by being kind and caring to one another. You need to take an interest in one another’s lives. Be a good listener as well as a good communicator.

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I mean really kiss. Throw those pecks out the window. Although those little pecks are better than nothing, they certainly don’t hold a candle to a passionate kiss. If you want to really catch your husband off guard, meet him with a real kiss when he comes home from work this evening. See if it doesn’t set the stage for a good evening.

5. Only Have Eyes for Each Other

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It is very important to be faithful in your vows to each other. I believe that being faithful greatly increases your chances of a solid marriage. Additionally, only having eyes for each other helps to make your marriage divorce proof. While we all notice attractive people of the opposite sex, you don’t have to let your eyes go crazy. Don’t hurt your spouse by checking out the eye candy. Let your spouse know no one can hold a candle to them.

6. Wear Your Wedding Rings

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One of the many things I have always loved about my husband is his dedication to wearing his wedding ring. I have never had to say anything to encourage him to do this; it is something he feels strongly about all on his own. Faithfully wearing your wedding ring sends a message to your partner that your marriage matters to you. It also tells the world you are happily married and to back off. It is a little thing that means something very big.

7. Speak Well of Your Spouse

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Speaking well of your spouse is something that is beneficial in multiple ways. It makes you feel better about yourself as well as your spouse. It makes your spouse feel good if they overhear you. It also is a compliment to your spouse. Most importantly, it paints your marriage in a positive light.

Marriage is something that takes effort and commitment in order to work. What are your secrets? How do you make sure that your marriage is divorce proof?

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