2. Try to Find a New Space

Moving in together will be easier and less problematic if you find a brand new space that you two will share. If you move into his place or he moves in with you, you might feel like they are encroaching on your territory. You will need to rearrange your things so you can make room for theirs and you might feel uncomfortable. That’s why it’s best to find a new space that you two can share, so you’ll avoid any potential conflict that may arise due to this new change in your lifestyle.

Don’t Get a Roommate


Isabella Coles
Shey Reel I'm in the same boat, and I accept that I can't sleep in but he always does. We don't live together yet but it's a good time for me to get jobs done, and also have a little me time as he sle...
My boyfriend loves to get up early and I pretty much sleep in till noon. In our defense, he works mornings and I work nights. That's the most annoying thing about living together I think.
peony blue
Great advice and if you are not strapped for cash have separate bathrooms hehehehh
Shey Reel
So true. There is one thing i wanna add though, before moving out with your bf of gf. Know the person if hes early bird or night owl. This was always a reason of our fight before. Now im kinda adjuste...
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