3. Donโ€™t Get a Roommate

If you decide to move in with your partner, make sure that it will be only the two of you and donโ€™t get a roommate. You should try to experience one another and learn more about each other and thatโ€™s why itโ€™s best if it's only the two of you.

Communicate Better


Isabella Coles
Shey Reel I'm in the same boat, and I accept that I can't sleep in but he always does. We don't live together yet but it's a good time for me to get jobs done, and also have a little me time as he sle...
My boyfriend loves to get up early and I pretty much sleep in till noon. In our defense, he works mornings and I work nights. That's the most annoying thing about living together I think.
peony blue
Great advice and if you are not strapped for cash have separate bathrooms hehehehh
Shey Reel
So true. There is one thing i wanna add though, before moving out with your bf of gf. Know the person if hes early bird or night owl. This was always a reason of our fight before. Now im kinda adjuste...
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