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8 Tips for Meeting Your Online Date in Person ...

By Heather

With all of the different online relationships out there, I thought it might be fun to do a post on the top tips for meeting your online date in person. If you've ever been in an online relationship, it's hard and it's scary – especially when you are meeting them for the first time. The show Catfish is all about this particular subject (and I'm totally obsessed!) and I thought, that finding out the top tips for meeting your online date in person might be good for all you online daters out there. So, you ready to meet your date in person?

1 Be Yourself

This is one of the tips for meeting your online date in person that I can't stress enough! You've got to be yourself. Completely. Girls, you don't ever want to pretend to be someone else and then, all of a sudden, when you meet the person you are dating, you are someone completely different. That's not cool and it's not honest.

2 Dress Nice

Of course, you always want to make sure that when you're going to meet the person that you've been talking to forever, you want to look nice! Dress up, drag out that LBD, make sure that your hair is done up just right. You never want to meet your online date without looking hot!

3 Meet in a Public Place

Remember, even though you've had conversation after conversation with this person, you've still never met them and it's really easy for someone to pretend to be someone else when they are on the computer. So – make sure that you are meeting in a public place and even bring someone with you. They don't have to stay the whole time, but you want to be safe.

4 Talk the Day before Meeting

Never go without talking to the person that you are meeting the day before meeting. It could cause some tension and weirdness when you do finally meet. So girls, before you meet up with the guy that you've been dating online, make sure that you talk to him the day before you meet him.

5 Don't do Dinner

Just because you two get along online, doesn't always mean that you are going to get along right away when you meet, especially if he hasn't been honest, so make sure that you don't do dinner girls. Just meet for drinks at first and then it can progress into dinner if you two get along!

6 Flirt

When you meet your date online, you've got to flirt! You've probably flirted online, spilled all of your secrets and gave up all of your confessions, but in person, it's so different. So show that sexy side, show the body language that you couldn't show on the phone!

7 Don't Act Differently

One thing that you shouldn't ever do whenever you are meeting your online date for the first time is act differently than you do online. You still want to be the same person that you are on the phone or over text messages, that way they can still recognize you and your personality.

8 Come Clean

Okay, so let's say that you have lied to your online boyfriend or girlfriend, what happens now? Well, before you meet them, you've got to come clean. You can't go through with meeting them if you have lied to them, it'll never work and it's not a great start to a relationship.

So girls, have you ever met someone online? Have you had a good experience? Sound off in the comments! I'd love to hear some feedback and some stories!!

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