7 Tips for Moving into Your Partner's Home ...


Do you need some tips for moving into your partner's home? Moving in with your partner is very exciting, but it's also quite a challenge. And if you're moving into a home they already own or rent, this is rather different from moving into a new home together. You'll want it to feel like your home, and they'll have to adjust to you moving into their space. Here are some tips for moving into your partner's home …

1. Make Some Changes

The first of my tips for moving into your partner's home is to make some changes to the house. Since it isn't just your partner's home any more, you need to feel that it's your home as well. If you're surrounded by the things they chose, it won't seem like your place. A complete change won't be practical or appropriate, so make a few alterations instead.

Agree on Expenses


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Make sense to have a back up plan! Nothing in life is garanteed! Wish I had these advice 11 years ago having just been through a breakup after 11 years! I thought we were together for ever! No backup plan in place
Have a escape plane? Why someone move at first place if not sure
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