7 Turbo Effective Tips for Saving Your Relationship 💔 before It's Too Late ⏳😭 ...


Relationships change and evolve in stages, which is why, in order to maintain harmony and balance within the relationship, both individuals have to adapt to each stage accordingly. At first every relationship is exciting and new, it’s filled with attraction and the urge to see one another constantly, but soon enough both of you fall into a routine. This transition can be easy for some couples but fatal for others. So if you are currently going through a rocky period in your relationship, it’s time you do some damage control.

1. Make Sure He/she Also Wants to Work on the Relationship

Before you make any attempt at mending your relationship, you have to make sure your significant other is willing to do the same. It’s important to know that the connection is still there and the whole relationship is not going downhill because one person is ‌‌purposely‌ ‌distancing themselves with the intention of cutting ties in the near future.

See Things from His/her Perspective


What can i do for my boyfriends to make him feel special?
I think personally, that if it isn't working out that it's better to end it and both be happy in the end. Maybe these work for some, but that's just my oppinion
I disagree with Kerry. Most guys don't just "get" why you're upset. Sometimes guys back off as a result, because they think you need space, when you're actually asking for investment. It's not about ...
Kerry Palmer
I disagree with No5. Most men hate frequent discussions and analysis of feelings in a relationship. If they have genuinely upset you then actions speak louder than words, time to back off a little and...
peony blue
Or better still set him free...
Elizabeth Glorraine Lee
Love this. Me and my boyfriend have been fighting off and on for the past month. Due to me. I have anxiety and depression issues and reading this helped. I just got done writing a list of things to do...
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