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Do you need some tips for successful online dating? In some ways, online dating is just like traditional dating, but there are also elements that are naturally quite different, owing to the method of finding potential dates. It's all too easy for people to pretend to be someone quite different from their real persona, and every online dater will have stories to tell about how a date went disastrously wrong. But it can be a very successful method of meeting a partner. Here are the tips for successful online dating you should follow …

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Know What You're Looking for

One of the tips for successful online dating is to know what you're looking for. Do you want a long-term relationship, or are you more interested in casual dates? What type of partner do you want? Are you keen to have a family one day? This will help you identify potential dates and know who you can rule out immediately.


Choose the Right Site

There are so many dating sites that it can be tough to choose the right one. But disappointment in online dating can sometimes come from picking the wrong site. It may be worth investing in a paid membership if you're really serious about finding a relationship, as free sites tend to be swamped with people who are simply trying it out because there's no cost involved.


Be Honest

If you get a message from someone who doesn't interest you, thank them for their message but tell them that you don't want to go any further. There's no point wasting your time or theirs. Similarly, if you go on a date but there's no spark, decline a second date; it may seem harsh but that's better than giving them false hope.



Some internet dating disasters come from people exchanging endless messages without actually meeting up. Try to have an actual date as soon as possible. If your potential date comes up with lots of excuses as to why they can't meet up, be aware that they may be concealing something - like a partner. Or they may be very different from the way they've presented themselves.


Give Them a Chance

If you see a profile that seems interesting, but they're not quite what you had in mind, it could be worth giving them a chance. As long as they don't miss a crucial requirement for you, such as the issue of children, you could find that you hit it off. We can become too obsessed with our image of an ideal partner, and so miss that not-quite-perfect person who would actually be great for us.


Don't Invest Too Much

Meeting a great person online can make us lose perspective and quickly get caught up in the romance of the situation. Don't invest too much too quickly in the relationship; let it grow at its own pace. Otherwise you could be disappointed if they decide that they're not as keen on you.


Safety First

Finally, think about safety issues. Tell someone where you're going and who you're meeting. Don't give away too much personal information at first, such as your address. It's better to be safe than sorry, as you don't know them well yet.

Have you any disastrous dating stories, or did you meet the person of your dreams online?

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What apps have u guys tried do far?

Online dating has been nice to me o.m.g it was so really cute guys they was so sweet others was losers i sadly have not been on my profile in months i just lost the spirit to get back on i feel bad that i have`t talk to them i know they want me back i am just been super busy trying to follow my dreams overall the downside to online dating is they asking to soon to meet up or asking for nudes gotta be smart and 2 step head ahead of people


What's the best way to say you are not interested in a second date?

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