7. When to Let Go

If he's irrationally jealous to the extent of keeping tabs on you and demanding to know where you are at all times, walk away from the relationship. There needs to be trust in a relationship; if he doesn't trust you then he doesn't respect you.

A guy who is that jealous will end up trying to control you - and that is not a life that you want to lead.

You shouldn't abandon your friendships with men just because your boyfriend doesn't like it. You have the right to your own friendships, and nobody should dictate to you who you can be friends with. But you should be sensitive to how your boyfriend feels, as long as his feelings are reasonable. Would you dump your boyfriend or your friend if there were issues of jealousy?


Hang out with the guy friend with your boyfriend most of the time, so he can get to no him well , just as long as not doing things alone much and letting u boyfriend no he's always welcome to join u.
Julia Huston
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Pro Tip: tell him to grow some balls
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