7 Tips for when You're Apologizing to Your Boyfriend ...


7 Tips for when You're Apologizing to Your Boyfriend ...
7 Tips for when You're Apologizing to Your Boyfriend ...

Alright, ladies. Let’s just be honest. No one really likes to apologize to their boyfriend but there are times you’re probably wrong, although you hate to admit it. When those times come, these are some tips to keep in mind when you’re apologizing to your boyfriend to make it easier for both of you.

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Be Sincere

Apologies are always best received when they’re offered in sincerity. If you aren’t sorry then you shouldn’t apologize. People can sense sincerity. No matter what your words are saying, the emotion behind them comes through clearly. A sincere apology can absolutely help fix things between you and your boyfriend. It’s really the only type of apology you should offer.


Be Specific

It’s best to apologize for what you did specifically. A general apology isn’t going to be as helpful in restoring harmony between you and your sweetheart. If you did something specific to offend your boyfriend then tell him you’re sorry for that action. He’ll appreciate that you regret whatever you said or did.


Keep It Simple

You know, we women are complicated creatures. We’re generally more complicated than the guys we’re with in many different ways and that includes how we offer apologies. Don’t make your apology more complicated than it has to be. Keep it simple. It’ll be much easier to work things out with a simple apology than a complicated one.


Lose the Word “but”

This one is so hard to do. Women want to apologize and then add a “but.” In other words, you apologize, then add a “but” in there and explain that you wouldn’t have said or did whatever it was if they hadn’t said or did what they did. Or you use the word “but” to precede an excuse. Neither of these will make your apology more effective or help to end the argument. The word “but” essentially erases everything you just said so it’s best to leave it out of your apology.


Don’t Let It Become Another Argument

It’s important not to let your apology become another argument. This can happen. Sometimes an apology can bring the issue back up and get the argument going again. In order to avoid this, give your apology and be ready to move on with a change of subject. If your boyfriend wants to talk more about the situation then do your best to stay calm so another argument doesn’t occur.


End It with a Kiss

Reconnection is really nice to have after you end an argument with an apology. And girls aren’t the only ones that like reconnection, either. Guys appreciate a kiss or a hug after making up, too. It’s just a sweet way to let each other know that all is well. It helps you both to move on.


Let It Go

Most guys don’t like to talk about things over and over. So when your argument is over, let it go. Don’t bring it up again and again. If you do, your apology is going to mean less. It’s always best to not bring up past arguments going forward.

These are some tips to help you if you need to apologize to your boyfriend. What have you found works well when you’re in this position? I’d love to hear your tips.

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Great advice .. I agree !!

Just done this now hahha cheers!


I laugh when I get nervous and once I apologised to my boyfriend but laughed at the same time. It was so embarrassing ._. I had to try and redeem myself but it was hard after that laughter

I'll keep this in mind! Thanks! :)

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