How to Deal when Youre Dating a Flirt ...

By Alison

Dating a flirt can be uncomfortable and make you feel insecure. Is he genuinely interested in other girls, and does he really like you? But flirting with other girls isn't necessarily a danger sign, depending on how far it goes. Here are some tips on dating a flirt …

Table of contents:

  1. personality
  2. disrespectful
  3. secure
  4. how far does it go?
  5. comparison
  6. are you hidden?
  7. tell him how you feel

1 Personality

When you're dating a flirt, consider whether that's simply their personality type. Do they flirt with everyone without meaning anything by it? If it's just friendly flirting, there may be nothing to worry about. Or if he flirts with women of all ages, he may just be the type of person who likes to pay compliments to women and make them feel good.

2 Disrespectful

Flirting with other women can be very disrespectful to you. Does he flirt even though he knows you don't like it? If he's taking absolutely no notice of your feelings and carries on regardless, or is oblivious of the effect on you, then his flirting is unacceptable. A boyfriend who doesn't care about your feelings is not worth having.

3 Secure

A flirtatious boyfriend isn't always a problem. Are you secure in yourself, and know that he's not actually going to pursue other girls? If you know that he doesn't mean anything by it and that he's committed to you, it may not be worth worrying about. Flirting isn't always a threat to you; the question is how far it goes.

4 How Far Does It Go?

So does he go too far for your liking? If he does, then it's time he stopped. From your point of view, what matters is what is acceptable in your eyes. If it's a little bit annoying but he really cares about you, then maybe you can live with it. But a man who disregards your feelings isn't one worthy of your love and respect.

5 Comparison

Another point to consider is if he compares you with the women he flirts with. If he makes you feel inadequate in comparison to them, his flirting may be heading into the danger zone. Flirting with other girls isn't always a problem, as long as it's clear he prefers you, but if he's making out they're prettier or better than you, he's going too far.

6 Are You Hidden?

Another question to ask yourself is whether he hides the fact that he has a girlfriend from the women he flirts with. Is he going out with his single friends and making out that he's single too? This can be difficult to know for sure, but if you find out that he's pretending you don't exist so that he can get away with flirting, this is a major red flag.

7 Tell Him How You Feel

Lastly, talk to him about how you feel. Some people are just naturally flirtatious; they don't necessarily mean to pursue it any further. He may genuinely have no idea that he's upsetting you. Tell him exactly how his flirting makes you feel, and if he's willing to modify his behavior you can negotiate what is acceptable and what should never happen.

A flirtatious boyfriend doesn't have to be bad news. The crucial issue is whether he ever tries to go too far and acts like a single man or completely ignores your feelings. Do you think flirting is ever acceptable in someone who's dating, or should it be out of the question?

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