10. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt

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Some people believe you can't have love without pain. With true happiness comes true sorrow; and while that may be the case SOMETIMES, you don't have to be fearful of love because you're fearful of pain or sadness.

It's all a part of life and you will suffer from sadness whether in love or not, being in love with someone just makes it slightly easier to bear.

Love is a scary thing, but it won't feel all that terrifying once you find the right guy. That's why you shouldn't swear yourself off of relationships. Go for the men that you like, because they could end up helping you live out your happily ever after! Are you terrified of falling in love?


Angie, I don't agree with you.. Basically you said that a girl should sleep around instead of looking for something serious.. Such bad advice you said..
I'm inlove with my bestfriend of 6years. And I wanted to tell him. I'm just scared.
Michele Babich
I've been hurt over and over.. Too scared, seeing a therapist for my insecurities
Tinker, dont take guys too seriously sometimes they just want to have fun. Like at one point in your life you too will just want to have fun! My heart is broken.. But I dated outside my race and it wa...
And what if you want to know what love is? And guys only want to sleep with you or use you?
Yes....been hurt too many times 😢😔
peony blue
Fall in love at least once in your lifetime!
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