5. Don’t Bash His Girl

Whatever you do, do not bash your crush’s girlfriend! This won’t get you anywhere; I promise. It may even make things worse between you and your roommate. Even if his girlfriend is rude or obnoxious, he is dating her because he wants to be in a relationship with her, and certainly won’t appreciate you criticizing her. Even if you think she treats him wrong, don’t be the one who bashes her in front of him.

Start Dating


Keep your head up high not the end for the world
@Carla Espinoza ...I agree! My soon to be ex-roommate started dating another girl. It totally sucks :(
Carla Espinoza
he may genuinely appreciate you being honest and tell you he thinks a lot of you, but still tell you he doesn’t feel the same. It just sucks when you liked him for so long and he doesn't feel the s...
Emily Ann Holley
Omg I am going through this right now. It's the worst pain ever :/
It's funny cause I'm going through with it now. Not only is he my roommate but my coworker....double whammy! He's actually moving out as we speak. I asked him to move out because it was too hard fo...
Be there done that... 😐
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